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About Me ...

I'm a "weekend warrior" hobby photographer who wants to branch out for hire, 

on evenings and weekends.  

I want to meet you and chat about how I can create the photos that you'll love to have & share.

                                                       I am located in the Salem, OR area.                                                        

Why Choose Anji Duke Images ...

Are you seeking high quality on a limited budget?  Look no further.  I AM that 'unicorn' of a photographer.  Please click here or visit my pricing page to see what may suit your needs.

When it comes to post-processing my images, even those tiniest of details are dealt with the utmost skill and care.  This ensures you will receive the most flawless & aesthetically pleasing photos possible.  My results leave my subjects looking their absolute best, whether the subject is Smith Rocks                                       in Bend; or the person, baby, or pet in front of my lens.                                       

Thank you for visiting my site ...

There's plenty to explore here, so take a look around and when you're ready, please contact me by:

CELL..... 503-320-2654  (no calls after 9pm, please)

EMAIL..... [email protected]

 and come follow me on INSTAGRAM!   @anjiduke